The inspiring journey of Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix is a sprint athlete. She was quickly noticed by ′′ Nike “, who offered her a juicy deal she accepted. However, a few months later, Felix got pregnant and Nike dropped / stopped the contract with allegations that she would never be in shape after giving birth. Felix dreams were broken and she was depressed. Despite all these difficulties, Felix maintained her pregnancy and worse still had a c section giving birth to her baby girl.

Allyson Felix, who won 11 medals over five Olympic Games, is the most decorated Olympic track and field athlete ever.

Ten months later she made the decision to challenge all odds and went back to training with hope that she could qualify for the upcoming championships. Nike officials and the world at large were stunned when Allyson Felix won all her races and even broke Usain Bolt’s record for world titles and now has over 14 gold medals at the Championships.

Nike tried calling her again but she refused the offer and launched her own shoe brand, and now earns much more than any shoe brand in the world would pay her.

What an inspiring journey 👏🏽👸🏿