The CEO AI Transformation Strategy Masterclass at The 8th Ghana CEO Summit & Expo.

A year ago, generative AI captured the world’s imagination with its promise of limitless possibilities. Now, it’s time to turn that promise into reality. But how?

Join us at the Ghana CEO Summit CEO AI Transformation Strategy Masterclass for a deep dive with two of the top AI experts in the world. Together, we’ll develop a roadmap to AI implementation that you can put into action immediately. This isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical, fresh-from-the-field learning that will help you navigate the complexities of AI deployment and stay ahead of the competition.

Why Attend?


    • Practical Deployment Insights: Gain hands-on, practical insights from respected industry leaders on deploying generative AI within your organization. Learn from the experiences of top organizations.
    • Strategic AI Implementation: Learn how to strategically implement AI to leverage what could be the biggest business opportunity in history. Get answers to crucial questions on where and how best to deploy AI to maximize its benefits while minimizing risks.


    • Real-World Applications and Case Studies: Dive into case studies from the first year of generative AI deployment to see what’s working and what isn’t. Learn directly from companies that have navigated the initial stages of AI implementation, offering valuable lessons and insights.


  • Building Trust in AI: Understand the critical importance of implementing a trustworthy AI strategy that aligns with emerging legislative trends worldwide. Discover best practices for data stewardship and how to manage privacy and bias issues to maintain the trust of your workforce and customers.

Featured Speakers:


    • Antanas Bernatonis: Antanas Bernatonis is the founder of the artificial intelligence agency, Why Al. As a seasoned AI trainer, he helps companies seamlessly integrate AI tools into their operations. His journey began in 2021, advocating for the significance of AI, and his training sessions now attract thousands. With a robust portfolio of successful AI implementations and business case studies, Antanas showcases AI’s transformative potential across industries. He collaborates with major startups and corporations across Europe, driving strategic AI adoption for CEOs and businesses alike.


  • Darlington Akogo: Darlington Akogo, CEO of Akogo Tech, is a prominent figure in AI, known for leading ventures like minoHealth AI Labs and Runmila AI Institute. He shapes global AI regulations, chairs key groups like the UN International Telecommunications Union, and advises on tech implementation. Recognized for healthcare contributions, his research focuses on digital diagnostics for African health systems, reflecting his commitment to AI for societal advancement. Akogo’s international recognition includes being honored as one of the Global Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent in Healthcare.


Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical insights and strategic guidance on deploying generative AI within your organization. Join us for hours of targeted learning on AI transformation strategy.


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