Mukesh V. Thakwani

Mukesh Thakwani is the Chief Executive Officer of leading steel manufacturing company in West Africa B5 Plus Limited.

He stood against all odds to build B5 Plus Limited in Ghana, which most industry watchers say is one of the fastest-growing steel companies in West Africa.

Founded in 2002 from humble beginnings, he aims to provide customer-centric products with excellent relationship building skills. Currently, B5 Plus has several subsidiaries including DPS International.

He is the proud recipient of the European Award for Quality and Excellent Services award, 2013, and was recently crowned the West African Personality of the Year 2015 by the Business Executive Magazine, an international magazine in West Africa.

Mr. Thakwani is referred to by his plethora of admirers and colleague captains of industry as the “Doyen of West Africa’s Steel Industry”.