Amar Deep S. Hari

Amar Deep S. Hari is a seasoned entrepreneur, educator, and consultant with 30 years of experience building and growing small and large companies. His experience includes, leading sales and product development in successful corporate ventures of IT products distribution, software development, education, hospitality, entertainment centers, real estate, retail and agricultural setups in India, USA, Ghana and neighbouring West African countries.

Hari is a co-founder and CEO of West Africa’s leading IT conglomerate spread in over 25 locations in 5 West African countries Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone, employing 750+ IT professionals. The company works in collaboration with and is a leading IT products distributor of multinationals such as HP, IBM, Dell, EMC, Microsoft and Cisco.

Hari’s main venture, IPMC, has received many accolades globally including various national awards from the President of Ghana. His other notable ventures are Healthy Mind School, IPMC College of Technology and IPMC IT Learning Centers in education, Bliss in Unity Inc. USA in hospitality, Greco Inc. in tyres and auto lubricants, Moti Mahal Limited in restaurants, Horizon Inc in entertainment and Malwa Enterprises in agriculture.