5th Ghana CEO Summit launched

As part of efforts to help facilitate government’s digitization agenda, the Ghana CEO’s Summit is pushing for a Digital Economy Act and a Ministry of Digital Economy to coordinate digital policies for the country.

According to them, the unprecedented disruption by COVID-19 is accelerating the pace and the urgency for digital transformation, agility and adaptability among companies.

Speaking at the launch of the Ghana CEO’s Summit, CEO of the Summit, Ernest De-Graft Egyir hinted that now is the time for a ‘great reset’ of Ghana’s economy to a digitally resilient one.

“The call to action this year from the Ghana CEO summit to the government is the need for a digital economy act and the ministry of digital economy to help the government organise the various digitalisation initiatives going forward. We are bringing in expert and practitioners to share ideas on how to reset businesses for resiliency.

We are supposed to have an act that will really stir all these initiatives, when there is an act its a law but we have cyber security act you have this you have that but we don’t have a central digital economy act that will put all this together,” he said.

Mr. Moses Baiden, CEO of Margins group, stated the benefits COVID-19 had brought in the digital space amid taking lives of thousands.

“In 2020, the whole world shut down but the acceleration of the impact of digitization could not have been orchestrated much better than tragic events that took the lives of people but at the same time, laid bare the economic advantages that digitization brings. We saw an increase in every sector in deepening of the digital transaction speed and in other sectors, we saw a negative impact. What then can government and private businesses do to reset the clock so countries in Africa like Ghana can take full advantage of what we have learnt in this pandemic?” he quizzed.

The Ghana CEOs Summit is a major gathering of Chief Executives and captains of industry.

The conference for decision makers, CEOs, heads of institutions, business leaders and entrepreneurs as well as investors and ambassadors, seeks to unlock Ghana’s economic potential by offering concrete, innovative and actionable solutions.

It also seeks to champion private-sector led growth, lead discussions around innovative public policies and best growth-oriented business practices to help the country build resilient companies and outstanding CEOs.

The theme for the 5th edition of the CEO summit is “Digital Transformation: Powering , Business and Government Reset for a Post-Pandemic Economic Resilience. A Public-Private Sector Dialogue”.

This year’s summit is slated for May 17-18, 2021.